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Meet Your New Biggest Fans.

Raven Majia
Raven MajiaChief Creative Officer
As a visionary, digital age entrepreneur and online media maven since 1996, Raven Majia has over 20 years experience a a Creative Director/Executive Producer for many brands, celebrities and charities. As a Pioneer of Online Marketing and Publicity, Raven uses her unmatchable experience in creating highly successful branding/marketing campaigns and content.
Nicole Irving
Nicole IrvingCMO
As Vice President of Marketing of Lifestyle Brand Ed Hardy, she launched 5 major brands, and produced hundreds of both domestic and international events. She gained valuable experience working with buyers and international distributors to increase sales, while signing on over 165 licensees. Under her management of the marketing department, Christian Audigier’s brands including Ed Hardy, grossed over half a billion dollars in sales. Since then Nicole has utilized her experience to help brands expand their marketshare.
Josh Otten
Josh OttenProducer
A Los Angeles native with over 13 years experience in online and offline marketing, Josh has a previous background in the film industry; having overseen the development, financing, production, and distribution for a number of feature films, documentaries, and television shows. Josh’s work in original content creation inspires and informs his philosophy that while content is king, technology is the castle.

Some Words From Our Clients

Our Proven Process Produces Results


The first step is to find out what you need and if we feel like we are TRULY the best fit to get the job done.  You want someone who can confidently serve your needs because they have the experience and PASSION to do so.  If we know that’s us…then LET’s GO!


Ready…AIM…then FIRE.  We don’t forget to AIM.  Many do.  We pride ourselves in meticulous strategic planning and pre-production, so that execution is a breeze and unexpected challenges are minimized.  No we can’t control the weather…but we can research, plan, and be prepared come rain or shine.


Our team is just that…a TEAM.  So, when it comes time to implement the plan that has been thoughtfully created, execution is the easy part.  Everyone knows their roles ahead of time, the schedule of activity is clear to all, and since we love what we do, we have FUN on our projects!  You’ll love working with us!


Anyone who doesn’t have testing, measuring, and testing again as part of their process is FAILING to optimize.  Just like movie studio use focus groups to test out their movies before investing in their release and marketing, digital content campaigns must do the same thing and adjust accordingly.  This is a CORE competency of ours because it is ESSENTIAL to yielding results.


WE WRAP ON TIME! Time is money and we create realistic production schedules that under-promise and over-deliver.  We are just as interested as you are to have your project in the can and on the market, and will work relentlessly to DELIVER excellent results ON SCHEDULE.

Let’s Get Started!